Smile Makeovers at St. Leonards Green Dental

smile makeovers

Our smile makeover process at St. Leonards Green Dental is a unique experience that allows you to preview your results before treatment ever starts.

If you’re trying to decide how you want your teeth to look or which type of cosmetic procedure is best for you, a customised smile makeover offers you multiple options to consider. This detailed process ensures the best outcome and that each of our patients is happy with their investment.

Step 1 – Your Mock-Up Smile

At your initial consultation, we’ll discuss what it is you want to change about your teeth and what type of results you’re hoping for. Next, we’ll take an impression and have our lab create a wax-up model of the proposed treatment plan.

We’ll affix your temporary smile over your teeth so that you can see and feel what the permanent restorations will be like. You’ll wear them for about two weeks, giving you enough time to critique any changes and get input from your closest friends.

If you’re 100% happy with the proposed plan, we’ll order your permanent restorations and get ready for the next phase of treatment.

Step 2 – Your Makeover

Whether you’re getting dental veneerscrowns or having a few teeth bonded, this phase in your smile makeover may require a couple of different appointments. When all of your custom restorations are ready, we’ll remove your temporary ones and permanently attach the permanent versions.

smile makeovers

What Does a Smile Makeover Fix?

A smile makeover can correct everything from minor, aesthetic flaws in your enamel to full oral reconstruction. You may want to consider a custom smile design if your smile is affected by:

  • Chipped, worn or uneven teeth
  • Severe staining
  • Crowding
  • Gaps
  • Missing teeth
  • Uneven gumlines

During the planning process, we’ll evaluate each tooth one at a time to propose a series of aesthetic procedures that create a healthy and harmonious appearance.

We’re Not Happy Unless You Are

Investing in smile design is a deeply personal experience. We want you to be thrilled with the way your new teeth look; that’s why we pour so much energy into the planning and consultation phases of your procedure. If you’ve always wondered what was possible, it’s time to find out for yourself!

Combining Different Types of Treatment

If you have broken, missing or decaying teeth, you can still get a smile makeover! Our custom restorations can be incorporated into your aesthetic case alongside cosmetic treatments like veneers or bonding. For instance, you may need an implant with a ceramic (porcelain) crown to fill in the space caused by a recent extraction. On either side of it, we can create veneers that match the same material, for a seamless appearance.

We invite you to bring photos and examples of what you like (or don’t) to your consultation. At that point, we can discuss the best combination of restorative and cosmetic materials for your situation.


Find out how a custom smile makeover could change your life for the better! Flexible financing plans are available. Contact us to get started.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.