The laws governing teeth whitening in Australia are quite strict and according to law, only registered dental practitioners may administer teeth whitening treatments that contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. The reason for this is that too many patients were leaving bleaching agent on their teeth for too long, or using it for longer than directed, causing damage to their teeth. Let’s unpack the question of ‘is teeth whitening safe’.


Is Teeth Whitening Safe: The Important Facts To Consider


Professionally Administered Teeth Whitening Treatments Are Safe

There are so many whitening products available on the market. They range from whitening toothpaste to whitening strips and kits and are available in pharmacies and drug stores. They make bold claims and big promises but they are flawed becausesafety teeth whitening treatment st leonards

  • Many of them do more harm than good
  • Many of them are too weak to penetrate the tooth enamel to lift stains and discolouration
  • Some of the products contain abrasive substances that can damage dental enamel
  • Over the counter whitening treatments are not customised, so whitening strips may not fit your tooth surfaces

In order to remove intrinsic stains, a bleaching agent needs to be able to penetrate your dental enamel and weak products are just not strong enough to do that.

Professionally administered whitening treatments can contain up to 37% hydrogen peroxide and may achieve your whitening goals in just one session. You are under the supervision of your dentist which means that if anything does go wrong, you have the relevant medical supervision and support to manage it.

It also means that your dental practitioner can give individual teeth attention and target areas that are more stained or discoloured than others. 

When your dentist administers teeth whitening treatments, all the necessary precautions are followed to ensure your soft tissues are safe and protected.


Professional Teeth Whitening Is Backed By Science And Research

Some patients may baulk at the expense of a professional teeth whitening treatment, to the point that they are willing to try an over the counter product. Professional teeth whitening treatments have years of research behind them. The big difference is that these products protect and remineralise your teeth while they whiten so that they do not do lasting damage.


Professional Teeth Whitening Lasts

While your brightened smile will not last forever, it does last for quite a long time if you limit what you expose your teeth to. You can discuss top-up treatments with your dental practitioner but maintenance is always manageable and efficient when you work with a professional. 


Your Personal Risk Factors Are Considered

Everyone should have a dental check up and professional clean before any whitening treatment. If you consult with your dentist he or she will tell you this but if you don’t and you opt for something store-bought, you run the risk of trying to bleach teeth that may be damaged or weakened by decay.

Your dentist will give you the go-ahead to have a whitening treatment if your teeth and gums are healthy. He or she will also clean and polish your teeth so that you get an even result after your treatment.


What’s More Important To You: Aesthetics Or Dental Health?

So many people find the physical appearance of white teeth attractive, yet they neglect the fundamentals of oral health. It is not worth taking a risk by experimenting with cheap whitening products that make big promises if they could damage your teeth and gums. If you are that serious about achieving a whiter smile, you really need to ensure your dental health is up to standard before you can consider bleaching.



So, Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening treatments are only safe when

  • They are recommended by your dentist
  • Your dentist has assessed your mouth, given you a professional clean and told you that your dental enamel is strong enough
  • They are tried and tested globally
  • They are administered by an experienced professional

Some patients do not want to have chairside whitening and want to do their own bleaching. If you feel this way, you can speak to your dentist about take-home trays. You will be given a lower concentration of bleaching agent than if you were having in-chair whitening done, and the results may take a little longer to notice, but the result is much safer than buying a whitening kit from the local pharmacy.

You will still need to have a check up and professional clean but you will be using the whitening system under the guidance of your dentist, who will advise you on how long to use it for.


For a more personalised answer to the question of ‘is teeth whitening safe’ for you, it’s best to speak to a professional so your personal risk factors can be considered. Please contact us for an appointment: (02) 9158 6211.