General Dentistry at St. Leonards Green Dental

At our friendly family practice, we provide a variety of smile solutions for every stage of life. Utilising minimally invasive strategies, we aim to identify and address common dental concerns before they have the opportunity to evolve into more complex situations requiring aggressive treatments.

Family Dentistry in One Location

  • Scale and Cleans — Six-month checkups keep your smile healthy, lower your risk of gum disease and allow us to intervene when concerns are in their earliest stages of development. Your visit also includes an oral cancer exam.
  • Dental Fillings — We use tooth-coloured materials to restore areas compromised by active decay. Each of our fillings blends in with your smile and is placed using minimally invasive techniques.
  • Tooth Extractions — Non-restorable teeth are typically removed and replaced with a long-lasting alternative, such as a fixed bridge or dental implant.
  • Root Canal Therapy — Endodontic treatment eliminates abscessed teeth at their source, saving your smile and getting you out of pain.
  • Wisdom Tooth Extractions — Our office partners with a visiting oral surgeon to provide comfortable wisdom tooth removal without referring you elsewhere.
  • Emergency Treatment — Painful toothaches and injuries put your smile’s future in jeopardy. We offer same-day appointments for new and existing patients alike.
  • Teeth Grinding — Bruxism can wear down your smile and lead to frequent migraine headaches. Wearing a custom splint will offer proactive relief.
  • Athletic Mouthguard — Protect yourself against accidental tooth injuries and common medical emergencies. We recommend wearing one during contact sports and individual activities where facial trauma is a risk.
  • Snoring Appliances — Do you snore or suspect that you have sleep apnoea? A custom oral appliance could give you and your family a better night’s rest. Get fitted for your snoring mouthpiece right here in our office.
  • Children’s Dentistry — Our friendly dental therapist is great with kids! Protect your child’s smile with regular preventative care starting at a young age. Bringing your family to the dentist for early preventative care helps children associate their experience with something positive, rather than scary and painful.

Something for Everyone

Our family dental practice makes it flexible and convenient for your household to get quality care in a single setting. Whether you’re a busy parent with several children or a working professional who needs a dentist that’s close to the office, our dentists and staff have everything your smile needs to stay healthy.

With a focus on prevention-based and minimally invasive strategies, we strive to help you limit the extent of restorative treatments needed over time. Keep your smile healthy by scheduling regular checkups every six months. During your visit, we’ll be able to pinpoint the earliest signs of concern, giving you a head start on reversing common dental problems before they have a chance to cause major problems.


Book an appointment for yourself or the entire family at our conveniently located practice. Contact us today!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.