Facial Injectables at St. Leonards Green Dental

Did you know that we offer cosmetic injectables at St. Leonards Green Dental? Fillers and injectables are a great way to fine-tune your smile makeover, but they’re also perfect as a stand-alone treatment for specific aesthetic issues. You can add them onto your regular checkup appointment or simply plan a brief visit to our office for a quick touch-up.

Gummy Smile Treatments

When you smile, do you see more gum tissue than you do teeth? If your smile is ‘gummy’, injectables are a great way to treat it non-surgically. By placing cosmetic injectables just inside of the upper lip, we can help the muscles relax so that when you laugh or smile, they don’t contract as high as normal. This change allows the lip to drop slightly so that it covers the gums you would usually see if it were fully retracted.

Minimise Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Aesthetic injectables alleviate deep creases and lines on areas like your forehead, lips, cheeks and around your eyes. Depending on the type of injectable or filler treatment you’re getting, the product will ease the muscles that contract to cause the creases or plump the skin underneath for a smoother surface. Some of the most popular application sites include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Jaw contour

TMJ Pain Relief

Chronic TMJ disorder can cause stiffness around your jaw and painful headaches. Cosmetic injectables are a great way to manage TMJ pain without surgery or daily medication. By injecting small amounts of product into specific points around your jaw, you can enjoy natural muscle relaxation and reduced headache pain.

What to Expect

It’s common to feel some minimal pinching or stinging at your injection sites. Fortunately, they are relatively small and quick. Some people do see mild bruising after a treatment, but this will subside within several days.

Your first injectable application will be one where results aren’t noticeable straightaway. Instead, they’ll gradually increase each day, with full results within about a week after your appointment. The great news is that they’re easy to maintain; simply schedule touch-ups as needed (for most people it’s every 3-6 months). When you combine injectables and dermal fillers, the results tend to last even longer (up to 12-18 months).

Can a Dentist Administer Injectables?

Yes! Dentists are trained specifically to understand the relationship of tissues and muscles around your mouth, including those of your face and neck. As health professionals licensed to administer injections, such as those you receive for anesthetic purposes, cosmetic injectables are no different. Skilled hands that are experienced in treating delicate areas around your mouth and face are the perfect choice to apply your injectable treatment!

Since so many of your facial muscles are related to the way your mouth moves and functions, having cosmetic injectables applied by your dentist makes perfect sense.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.