About Us

Our practice has been a part of the community since 2008. In 2019, Dr Nazila Nosratieh (Dentist) took over the office as the principal dentist. Many local families remember the previous owner, Dr R.T. Wilkinson, who practiced in our area for over 40 years.

Over this time, we’ve catered to three generations of patients. Today, we continue to deliver family-orientated and cosmetic dentistry to people of all ages. As a comprehensive practice, we provide solutions you need to keep your smile healthy. Each care plan is customized to fit your unique situation. Everything from fillings and root canals to orthodontics and smile makeovers are available.

An Integral Part of the Community

Our practice is located opposite the hospital off Pacific Highway. We’re nestled in the same building as several other medical providers and specialists. Plus, our office is within walking distance to public transport. If you have a family in the busy suburb or work downtown, we’re convenient to get to. Access quality dentistry seven days a week, thanks to our extended scheduling options.

As a parent, Dr Nazila knows what it means to find the best healthcare providers for yourself and your children. Together, our team strives to make our practice a place where everyone can feel comfortable and well cared for.

Putting Patients First

To us, modern dentistry means meeting our patients’ concerns and delivering comprehensive services in one place. We incorporate strategies appropriate for all ages. Here, everyone in your household receives the best care possible.

As part of a diverse and multicultural community, we understand everyone’s needs are different. We’ll meet you in the middle to discuss optimal choices for your situation. Together, we’ll map a plan that helps you achieve the healthy smile that you deserve.

We look forward to meeting new patients along with building our relationship with existing patients!

With our dedicated team we are confident we will be able to meet your expectations and deliver you with high quality treatment and care!